For some reason my fancy electronic key wont open the front door on Sundays. :( I'm guessing that the former owner of the key was not allowed 24x7 access to the building and when it was passed to me that it wasn't "reset" to my needs. Either way it's not a huge deal but I was rather put out that I couldn't get in to move some more things into the office.

On a good note, yesterday saw the arrival of a used computer desk and a new refrigerator.
After setting at the plastic table in my Aeron chair :) I realized that it wobbles too much (the table, not the chair) and that I probably need to get a "real" desk. A quick trip to the Habitat for Humanity store and I am the new owner of a $35 desk. It needs a bit of a scrub and some screw tightening but I think it will do just fine. The fridge was a new item from Lowes that only cost $299 and it even has a soda can dispenser in the door! So, cool (literally).

Now I just have to get into the office and scrub it down. It has a strong plastic smell and I want to get rid of that before I store my Sweet Tea in it. :)