If you remember a couple of weeks ago I took our family iMac in for service and it turns out if was even better than I thought. Well, sorta.

When we went to pick it up there was a small problem; they couldn't find it. After double checking some things (name, ID, etc.) it appeared on the front counter and the nice man said that it would cost just over $700. Now I was told at the outset of this adventure that this problem was covered under a recall and that I wouldn't have to pay for the repair. Needless to say this was a little unnerving and I thought back to all the good things I had said about Apple in the past.

After I told the genius dude that this should be under warranty and I shouldn't have to pay anything, he scurried off to the back room to consult the bones. Luckily for everyone involved* the mess was straightened out and they only required my signature and we were walking out the door with our refurbished computer.

Once again my faith in Apple is restored. Now if they had just had something to announce at MacWorld '08 last week. The MacBook Air has almost no redeeming qualities and I can't see how anyone will purchase it. My guess is that it will turn out to be the Mac Cube of this decade and will be a collectors item before the year is out. Hmmm...I might need to pick one up and keep it in a box in my basement. I'm gonna make me some eBay money in 2020. :)


*NOTE: My wife had a migraine and was ready to hurl/scream at the drop of a hat. :(