Well, I got the Coraid SAN device hooked up and boy is it loud!! I know that rack mounted devices are not supposed to be quiet but I'm thinking a fan is going out or something. Its squealing like a stuck pig. To be fair, I have contacted the manufacturer and they are willing to ship me some new parts if it turns out that something is gone/going bad. I just haven't had the time to turn it on, open it up, and find out exactly whats making all the racket.

On another note, I have decided that this blog shouldn't really represent KangarooBox so much as just a platform for me to rant on. So from now on, this will be my official soap-box. I just wanted to let you know.

And finally, I have been playing with Ohloh quite a bit lately and I really like it and what their trying to do for the OSS (Open Source Software) world. Basically, they allow users to submit their favorite OSS package and fill in all kinds of stuff about it. We're talking reviews, tags, source code repositories, RSS feeds, etc. You can even build a "Stack" out of all your favorite software and compare them with other users to see what else you might like. The best part is that they dig through the source code of each project and calculate how active it is, what type of licenses it uses, the quality of the code (determined by source code comments) and finally how much it would cost to develop it in the commercial software world. Very cool stuff.

So, the next time you need to find some info on a piece of OSS check Ohloh out. It could just save you some time and money.