This is a followup to my previous post talking about a never ending loop I got caught up in with NewEgg, Gmail, and Firefox. It looks like NewEgg realized it had a problem, informed its customers about it, and is working to prevent it from happening again.

I would like to thank NewEgg for going out of their way to communicate a problem they were having with their customers. This goes a long way with me toward showing me that they are a good company and that I should continue to utilize them. I purchase quite a lot from them and am happy with the way they have dealt with this minor situation.

Here is the text of their apology:

Dear e-Blast Subscriber,

We apologize to those of you who experienced some technical difficulties when trying to open today's edition of the Newegg e-Blast Newsletter. One of our servers was temporarily down, causing the e-Blast to display incorrectly for some recipients.

The e-Blast is now running correctly again, and we would like to reassure you that this was a purely internal technical issue—none of your private information has been accessed or leaked outside our secure network. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously and have run a thorough check to ensure that your personal data has not in any way been compromised, so please rest assured.

This morning’s temporary server failure is an extremely rare occurrence at Newegg and we are putting additional measures in place to ensure a similar problem will not occur again. We apologize for the inconvenience this morning’s technical difficulties may have caused you and thank you for your understanding and patience with the situation.


The Newegg e-Blast Team