As you can tell from the above movie, I've been experimenting with video tutorials. My thinking is that its much easier and more informative to watch a quick video on how to do something than it is to print it out and read it. What would normally take 10 pages of text and several screenshots can be done in a quick 30 second video. Would you rather read 10 pages of text or watch a bit of video?

I looked at posting my videos to YouTube but didn't really like the results. They were very grainy and hard to see. So I looked at some of the other video screencasts around and found that several of them use I signed up and gave it a shot and so far, I really like them. They have tools to auto post to Blogger (again, see above), push your content to iTunes, and even show advertisements to generate revenue. I'm not going to show ads for my content but the rest of the tools work really well. The thing I like best though, is the video conversion. Its very easy to use and produces a very high quality movie.