I have been trying to do a little external monitoring and statistics for the KangarooBox main website, but haven't had much luck. Basically, my T1 has been giving me problems as of late and I would like to have some numbers to go along with my "feeling" that it is sometimes slow and/or dropping packets.

I started off trying to use BasicState but quickly realized that they are having problems of their own. I get multiple emails per day telling me that they were a target of a DDOS attack several weeks ago and that they are working on fixing it. And the reports they send out are fairly useless with not much data and only a few vague numbers to hint at a possible problem. So I tried to un-register, but that didn't go anywhere. I still received many emails per day. I just now tried to un-register again. We'll see how it goes. :/

I'm currently evaluating EasySiteCheck but so far I'm not impressed. I haven't gotten much/any SPAM from them but neither have I gotten much value. Their statistics are very minimal and basically just show if your site is online or not. They check every 15 minutes, so they are quick to find out if your site is having problems, but the data to allow you to diagnose the problem is just not there.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. I have an internal monitoring system using Zabbix and I'm pretty happy with it, but it can't really monitor the web site as it looks from the outside. And if our T1 is having problems, I'll want some hard numbers to go into the trouble ticket. Does anyone have any suggestions? What would you do?